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CPI April 2012: All Items Index: Month-on-month (0.13%) Year-on-Year (12.9%) 12-Month Avg. Chg. (11.1%); Unemployment 2011 rate (23.9), Rural (25.6), Urban (17.1), Male (23.5), Female (24.3); Real GDP Growth 6.17% (Q1,2012)
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Q1 2012 Foreign Trade estimates;5th June 2012 ***Quarterly GDP (Expenditure & Income)Report 2007-2011; 5th June 2012 ***May CPI & Inflation; 19th June 2012 ***2010 Social Statistics Report; 25th June 2012 ***June CPI & inflation; 18th July 2012 ***Review of the Economy in 2011;1st August 2012 ***July CPI & Inflation; 20th Aug. 2012 ***Q2 2012 Foreign Trade estimates; 5th Sept. 2012 ***GDP Rebasing and Re-benchmarking estimates; 6th Sept 2012 ***Q2 2012 GDP Estimates; 6th September 2012


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